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Ghana, a country in the tropical Region of West Africa abounds in over several thousands of Medicinal Plants of various species used for both Herbal and Orthodox Medicines. Most of the Plants contain active ingredients for both Herbal and Orthodox Medicines, and also for Cosmetics and Nutraceuticals.

The main  objective  of Richmenconcepts Company limited is producing, sourcing and exporting natural plant product which includes Roots, Seeds, Whole Plants and Extracts; for Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics and Herbal industries.

We are the leading producer of Medicinal plant and Seeds in Ghana and the Sub-region, and with partners and representative across Africa. Our core concepts are bringing rich experience and in-depth knowledge and wisdom of African Flora to the global markets, for along term approach maintaining at each step the highest ethical standards, provide quality, efficient and excellent reliable services to our prospective buyers; with our enormous rich experience in over 20 year’s permanent resourceful workforce of 60 and over 200 hundred casual workers, ourproducts are supplied in bulk for the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, cosmaceutical, and functional food and beverage industries. Dried material is produced either sliced /T cut or in milled powder form.

Procurement on all plants is done with the highest protocol for sustainable harvesting practices, and work is done with local communities to ensure fair trade practices.

Not only do we give communities livelihood but also ensuring that eco-friendly policy practices are rigorously adopted to support the environment we inhabit.

And also there’re value addition to some of our products like shea nut –shea butter, Pentadesma nut – Pentasdesma butter,Irvingia seeds – Irvingia  oils etc, extraction of sweetness , Miracle berry – Miraculin,Thaumatococcus danielii- Thaumatin etc, they’re of high quality International standards and well research scientific base certify by Ghana standard board harnessed from our nature’s wealth.
Our hall mark is to exceed customer satisfaction and expectation, each time and every time. “Nothing less is acceptable”.

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